Great Southern Stand

Steve Parker presents a visit with humanity at it's most bizarre, through the eyes of a madman!


Great Southern Stand 176 Tue 25 Oct 2011

Steve's acting results and criminal rebellion!

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Today's Video Treat:

James insists this gets funny around episode 10. 
I made it 30 seconds into episode 2. 
Maybe you'll do better...

Great Southern Stand 175 Sun 16 Oct 2011

Steve is a little nervous 
Steve is a nervous little 
little Steve is nervous 
is Steve little nervous 
is nervous Steve little

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Today's Video Treat:

Not great quality, but it amused me :)

Great Southern Stand - Dr Evil

 A short skit from Steve's recent radio show. If you heard this one before, there's 
another one coming soon. It should be at least as funny as this one. 
That's not really selling it, is it....

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A friend of mine told me this would have been funny around 1940. 
He's a dick. 

Great Southern Stand 174 Mon 10 Oct 2011

Who invented the idea that man made God? 

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Today's video treat:

My, computer effects have come a long way! The boys are a little
 too hesitant to hurt each other, resulting in soft cock moves which
 look weak, but they get more into it later and the effects are GREAT!

Great Southern Stand 173 Sat 01 Oct 2011

Steve's program test at Radio Adelaide. Not good.

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No video treat today. The only one I have to put up is incredibly depressing, so I'll put it up with the next proper GSS episode. 
You see? Anyone can be made more attractive by simply
covering half their face with a microphone!