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Changed my mind.

I changed my mind.

I'm still going to do the fitness thing, but I made a new page for it.

Hope to see you there.

Hiya folks, Steve here. Merry Happy and all that, Jolly new year etc. Hope no-one's dead and none of your family pets were raped. Now that the niceties are done with, onto business.

For those of you who don't know, which I am assuming is pretty much everyone, I have started MMA training. I am 37, I've been smoking, drinking and generally sitting about quite a lot for about 20 years now, and I decided it was time to do something about it.

I quit smoking a few weeks ago with the help of some wonderful little pills, and PSC (punkspacecadet, my lady love) and I are both training at a working MMA gym in the city.

The MMA community in Adelaide is quite small. In Australia in general we are a boxing and  kick boxing country as far as martial arts are concerned, but I have hopes that I will be able to eventually fight in a ring or cage, as does PSC.

So this webpage is pretty much going to be a record of our training, and of our journey from couch potatoes devouring junk food and cigarettes all day to however high we manage to climb on the MMA ladder.

So, if you are interested in this sort of thing, stick around. If you came here for the podcast, I don't do that anymore. To be honest, I'm pretty embarassed about the ill thought out and poorly educated ideas I put out in those podcasts, but I am still an honest guy. I made em, so there they stay.
No matter how much I might want to delete them.

Look forward to videos and whatnot about our training, and maybe some discussions on technique as well.

This is irregular, I am not going to be posting weekly, monthly, or even annually. I will post when I have content, and not before. Feel free to write in anytime on with any comments or questions.


You can now keep track of Steve's work via his facebook page

Another Steve show

I had the honour to be on The Role Playing Hour again, this time as a Russian wrestler and an over excited yankee MMA commentator. Pretty fun!
Not for the faint of heart.

Bleep on the Role playing Hour part two

Tom joins Steve in the world of the DM and the vengeance of The Role Playing Hour crew draws nigh! Can Tom deal with a game with no screen or controller? Will Steve defect from Bleep to join The Role Playing Hour? Will Jim and Wilma succeed in their attempts to destroy the Bleep offices in Radio Adelaide? Will Clutterbuck’s fearsome retribution take the lives of all who have offended him!? Tune in to hear the exciting finale!

Bleep on the Role Playing Hour part one

I recently had a guest spot on my favourite Radio Adelaide show, (other than mine of course!), The Role Playing Hour. Funny, funny guys. Lots of fun!

BLEEP! Episode twenty nine – Tue 19th June 2012

I decided to throw this episode up here as GSS host James came on as a guest host on Bleep. Thought you might like to hear it. 

Steve, Tom and James deciding who is going to buy the pre show pizza.
BLEEP! Episode 29:
The boys rip into some heavy gaming on ‘what we’ve been playing this week’, guest host James from Soulstone Pictures reviews California games, Steve reviews Tenchu Stealth Assassin for the playstation and Tom whips up some interesting development news!

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Great Southern Stand 183 Sun 10 Mar 2012

Steve with the stars in his eyes. 
Well, one star anyway.

Episode 183:

The GSS GRANDE FINALE! No more after this! James, Steve and special guest Epex log in to reminisce a little, to catch up, and to say goodbye and go fuck yourself to the audience.

The last ever video treat:

From the last ever episode of GSS to the first, here's our first attempt
at GSS video work. We've come quite a way since then.

Any future GSS productions will be able to be found on our YouTube page, where you can go right now to see the FAR BETTER video creations we've pumped out recently.