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Online radio australia - GSS e40 Aug28 2010

Who me? Shocked!? Never...

Episode 40: This week James ADMITS that carnivores are stronger than vegans, and even goes so far as eating hearts and selling custom designer blood for strength! They then go into Australia's well hung parliament, genius Baptists and the imaging of Muhammed.
In the news for this week the crew covers the Iraq withdrawal, new armaments from Iran, and the intense anti-Muslim ambience in America.
Alli's (sick)
feast of folly brings us a BRILLIANT new mobile barbecue, and an impertinent thief!
The lads round out the show with some good medical news, and a proliferation of gay American officers.
Oh what fun!

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Online radio australia - GSS e39 Aug21 2010

What's so magical about a condom anyway? - James

Episode 39: Steve is struck down! Laid low by insidious disease! But, Lo! Who is this scholarly hero on the horizon, this elucidated saviour rushing pell-mell to save the day!?
Who else but James!
This week James is flying solo as he takes on the facts of factory farming and it's faecal fallout, as well as a brief brush on the Oz election with a focus on some of the Greens more... interesting, policies.
He opens up the news with Obama's about face on the Muslim Mosque, A brand new conspiracy about 9/11, China's rush for the financial front lines, and the Gulf's obfuscated oil!
Alli's Feast of Folly, (sporting a new theme song) sates our hunger with dollars for doughnuts, a life-saving Canine surgeon, and a naked girl fight at a Darwin Cafe! (No pics, sorry.)
James closes off the show with a hibernating hitch-hiker, some haunt hunting hoons, conjured condoms and a bong baby!
So packed, you'd barely notice Steve was gone at all!

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Online radio australia - GSS e38 Aug14 2010

James eats while Steve speaks

Episode 38: James and Steve start off hard with celebrity rats, cannibalism and the recent removal of GSS episodes from the web! Also, for your enjoyment, the lads demonstrate the 7 minute gap, invent new child safety cases and Steve supplies some of his FLAWLESS skill with accents!
The news for the week starts out with French lounge music vs Japanese punk, Australia's complete lack of regard for child students and the shoddy finances of our nation.
Alli's feast of folly brings us pea-sized pains, tails of woe, and a fishy situation.
The lads round out with homophobic politicians, creative social engineering and fast moving Melbourne brothel.

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A sad day

The time has come, legality has reared it's ugly head. Today O.R.A was forced to remove all the previous episodes of G.S.S found online due to illegal content.
Lesson learned.
The latest episode is still available as it was the first completely legal G.S.S episode, and of course you can still catch all of the new Feast of Folly shows.
Here's to a brand new future of unveiling non commercial artists from around the globe.
If you or someone you know has some Creative Commons music, send it in to The Stand and we'll see about playing it on the show.


Online radio australia - GSS e37 Aug7 2010

James Alli and Steve
Not Britney Spears at all

Episode 37: Steve and James uncover some exciting new O.R.A projects! Feast of folly gets it's own site with extended episodes and the call goes out for input in the new O.R.A panel show!
The news section goes from folly to foul with yet more of Steve's EXTREMELY limited knowledge of the economy, the continued cost of the Iraq war, and interesting times in the Rainbow flavoured oval office!
Alli's Feast of Folly brings us a HORROR STORY from the far east, a dreaded Chinese invasion! (Find the full Feast of Folly + pics here)
The lads round out the show with celebrity porn and Cyber Science with robotic heart surgery in Adelaide, South Australia.

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