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Online radio australia - GSS e44 Sept25 2010

Steve and Alli making with the sexy.
Can you feel the love?

Episode 44: The team kicks in this week with wildlife etiquette, Steve's lack of marketing panache, and James' latest BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE EPIC!
in the news we cover North Korea (again), a good old tale of misused federal power, A catholic scandal which involves NO CHILDREN WHATSOEVER and a Georgian senator's unwise online post.
Alli's feast of folly tempts us with tasty treats aplenty! A cup innovation, a bear battling broad, an odd lactic alternative and an old man's interesting drive.
The lads round out with James' SICK plans for a battery farm for women, A Brisbane beauty bar for boneheads and the pride of Australia's secondary school educational facilities.
We would have packed more in, but the web may well have exploded.
It's a safety issue really.

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Online radio australia - GSS e43 Sept21 2010

Alli is run off her feet, so no Feast of Folly in GSS this week.
But here’s a pic of the lady herself so you can get your fix.
(Besides, it was either that or another pic of Steve!)

Episode 43: Steve and James open up with a shameful encounter with a listener's mum, some Swedish feedback, the future President of the U.S, more faecal chat, Steve's original I.D and James' creepy Grandparents!
The news section covers a military insurance scam, the current Oz debate on Euthanasia and the Evil Patriarchy of the G.V.S.
The lads round out with Necrophilia, a strange name change, and a severely over protected child!

Strictly for the Masochistic, here is Steve's Stand up Routine. Expect little, and avoid disappointment.

You can also find The Art of Epex here.

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Online radio australia - GSS e42 Sept12 2010

Nasty, despicable vermin... and a rat.

Episode 42: James and Steve kick right in with our first removal request, (and blaming each other of course...) Woe is us! To compound the insult, they then introduce the upcoming donate tabs, on air professionalism, diet tips, our new banners from Epex, Steve's occasional crappy music choice and James' dangerous ones!
The weekly news opens up with Steve & James: The Musical, Tony Blair's memoir, peace movement fatigue, espionage and profitable politics.
Alli fills Steve to the brim with this week's Feast of Folly! A gorgeous and engorged Black Widow, an ENORMOUS children's pet and the healing power of the simple jelly bean.
The show rounds out with duelling segways, James informing us about Holy Smoke in it's various forms and Steve bringing the peace of the Church of Stevism in funky disco style.
Fun for the whole family!
(At least, those members of the family you don't mind offending a little...)

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Steve and co preparing for a night on the boards

Slight hold up

This week's episode will be a couple of days late folks, sorry about that. It's a busy time of year for the crew.

Online radio australia - GSS e41 Sept04 2010

James' new stylish footwear

Episode 41: Steve opens up by berating James for reveling in his opportunity to make money from terrifying children! What a mean Vegan! The lads reconcile quickly and move onto the ridiculous state of Australian politics, private vs public evil, and a recommendation for some info on Iran.
The news covers the proliferation of salmonella infested chicken, and THREE stories about BP and offshore drilling.
Alli's Feast of Folly brings us the stupidest pot-head on earth, some torturous French cuisine, and oysters with STI's!
The lads round out with more chat a la Francais, a surprisingly intriguing look at the American immigration issue, and a behind-the-scenes look at GSS music selection.

Steve's Recomedia - Dan Carlin: Episode 182 Flirting with the Berserk line

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