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Another Steve show

I had the honour to be on The Role Playing Hour again, this time as a Russian wrestler and an over excited yankee MMA commentator. Pretty fun!
Not for the faint of heart.

Bleep on the Role playing Hour part two

Tom joins Steve in the world of the DM and the vengeance of The Role Playing Hour crew draws nigh! Can Tom deal with a game with no screen or controller? Will Steve defect from Bleep to join The Role Playing Hour? Will Jim and Wilma succeed in their attempts to destroy the Bleep offices in Radio Adelaide? Will Clutterbuck’s fearsome retribution take the lives of all who have offended him!? Tune in to hear the exciting finale!

Bleep on the Role Playing Hour part one

I recently had a guest spot on my favourite Radio Adelaide show, (other than mine of course!), The Role Playing Hour. Funny, funny guys. Lots of fun!

BLEEP! Episode twenty nine – Tue 19th June 2012

I decided to throw this episode up here as GSS host James came on as a guest host on Bleep. Thought you might like to hear it. 

Steve, Tom and James deciding who is going to buy the pre show pizza.
BLEEP! Episode 29:
The boys rip into some heavy gaming on ‘what we’ve been playing this week’, guest host James from Soulstone Pictures reviews California games, Steve reviews Tenchu Stealth Assassin for the playstation and Tom whips up some interesting development news!

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Great Southern Stand 183 Sun 10 Mar 2012

Steve with the stars in his eyes. 
Well, one star anyway.

Episode 183:

The GSS GRANDE FINALE! No more after this! James, Steve and special guest Epex log in to reminisce a little, to catch up, and to say goodbye and go fuck yourself to the audience.

The last ever video treat:

From the last ever episode of GSS to the first, here's our first attempt
at GSS video work. We've come quite a way since then.

Any future GSS productions will be able to be found on our YouTube page, where you can go right now to see the FAR BETTER video creations we've pumped out recently.

Upcoming finale

Because I'm not a complete bastard, (or maybe because I am) we are planning a finale for GSS. This will be the final planned episode. As I said previously, there may be a few sporadic eps in future, but nothing is planned. The finale episode should be a little special though, as I hope to get a bunch of our previous guests on board and hopefully an international guest of no small fame with our audience.

Stay tuned!

Pretty much the end.

Myself on the left, My co-host Tom on the right, and
guest presenter for episode 10, Jen. 

Sorry folks, but this is pretty much the end of GSS. Group episodes with James might happen in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
But as for the solo stuff, I'm just not feeling it any more. Diving head first into the worst aspects of humanity is something one can't keep up for long, should they want to keep their sanity relatively intact. 
I am spending far more time on my radio work at the moment, with hopes of actually having a career in that field. 
The good news is that all the episodes of my new show are online, minus the music, and you can check them out at 
for the moment. The address will change to something on wordpress in the next few months since the station does not like the blogspot address, and I hope you guys will come along for the ride.   - new address

To my surprise and delight, I haven't had to tone myself down much at all. I keep it light is all, so don't expect much of the heavy heavy from me. I tried it a few times in the first few episodes, and it didn't fit in with the rest of the show. 
So if you want a little light easy fun, come check us out on Bleep. And let me know! For fuck's sake... for ONCE let me know you're listening! Maybe if you had done it previously, GSS would still be going. 

Love to you all, catcha soon, go fuck yourselves. 

- Steve.

Welcome to my home city...

Yeah, I live in a sick city.

HERE'S A LITTLE SOMETHING for those who want to know what sort of environment created the Steve we all know and hope never gains true power for fear of what he will do to the rest of us.

Map of Australia with Adelaide locator.
Map of Australia with Adelaide locator.

Adelaide's Skyline
Adelaide's Skyline

BLEEP! Episode Seven - Tue 17 Jan 2012

Pchow! Pchow! Zzzzzzzzzzttt! 

The Star Wars episode! 
Tom and Steve cover Star wars games aplenty, some of the best
 and some of the worst, as well as their normal gaming news, reviews
 and bitter-sweet remembrances from the past. 

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Steve is a Girl

Yes. This is... well. There's a reason we never made this show we were writing.

Hitchens Memorial Petition

Please help get a statue of Christopher erected in London by signing the e-petition below.

As a hero to reason, logic, literature, and so many other things we owe him at least that. He should be remembered, and one day when the world becomes a better place people will look at that statue and know that he was at the forefront of the struggle to make it so, and that without him we would not have arrived there. 

Great Southern Stand 182 Tue 3 Jan 2012

Episode 182: 

Steve, James and new guest Nick take a quick romp through Radio Adelaide's studio 5. Health issues, Ikea actors, A bit o the old ultra-violence, Vengeful ISP's, far too many cock jokes for comfort and much much less!

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Today's Video Treat:
Just to get you in the retro mood. Check out BLEEP! here.