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Patient Zero - Screen Saviour : A Great Southern Stand Review by Steve Parker

Screen Saviour is the soon-to-be latest release from British industrial musician Patient Zero, and my first response is:


Zero has always been prolific and professional, but this latest release shows a real growth in the skills and feel of the artist which result in an album universally superior to all previous releases.
Though the album for the most part is flavoured by a recent emotional break down, something for everyone can be found in this varied and entertaining release...

Big violent men need love too!

Episode 102: Plagued by technical difficulties, Steve nonetheless soldiers on with a little bragging about his homeland culture, some innovative promotion, our daily criminal moron, a revolutionary bovine (unarmed), a maniacal old lady, the mad worship of an old Nazi, and some EXTREMELY careless smoking habits!

Best of 2010 and Episode 101

My morning ritual...

Some of the highlights of 2010 from the redoubtable Australian podcast. Featuring, Steve Parker, James Whitrow, Alison Sharber and the Desert Runner.

*Best does not necessarily mean good.
Or funny.

...or worth listening to.

20 points to anyone who can name the games and movies!

Episode 101: Steve covers his recent absence, the new GSS short film and the Best of for 2010, and that's before the show even starts!
Competitive Mathematicians, Drunken Sumos, a treacherous mobile phone, some odd side effects and the evils of farting!

Well, I had to come back big now didn't I?

Technical Difficulties - delays til Friday

Hi everyone, I've had a call from an isolated Steve. His internet has been cut and won't be back online til Friday. Catcha then folks.