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Steve Parker presents a visit with humanity at it's most bizarre, through the eyes of a madman!


Some special Halloween Surprises!

Click on the movie titles to watch the full films!

Dracula is a classic 1931 horror film directed by Tod Browning and starring Béla Lugosi as the title character. The film was produced by Universal Pictures Co. Inc. and is based on the stage play of the same name by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston, which in turn is based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.
Frankenstein is a 1910 film made by Edison Studios that was written and directed by J. Searle Dawley. It was the first motion picture adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The unbilled cast included Augustus Phillips as Dr. Frankenstein, Charles Ogle as the Monster, and Mary Fuller as the doctor's fiancée.
Shot in three days, it was filmed at the Edison Studios in the Bronx, New York City. Although some sources credit Thomas Edison as the producer, he in fact played no direct part in the activities of the motion picture company that bore his name.
The Wolf Man (1941)
Director : George Waggner
Writer: Curt Siodmak
Starring : Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolf Man Claude Rains as Sir John Talbot Warren William as Col. Montford Patric Knowles as Frank Andrews Bela Lugosi as Bela Maria Ouspenskaya as Meleva

Upon the death of his brother, Larry Talbot returns from America to his ancestral home in Wales. He visits a gypsy camp with village girl Jenny Williams, who is attacked by Bela, a gypsy who has turned into a werewolf. Larry kills the werewolf but is bitten during the fight. Bela's mother tells him that this will cause him to become a werewolf at each full moon. Larry confesses his plight to his unbelieving father, Sir John, who then joins the villagers in a hunt for the wolf. Larry, transformed by the full moon, heads for the forest and a fateful meeting with both Sir John and Gwen.

Steve's Random Music Ep 03

The terrifying Halloween show!

Episode 03: Globe trotting non commercial music presented by Steve Parker.
This week the show takes on a dark and nasty flavour:

Diablo Swing Orchestra: Velvet Embracer
Cronique: Lay Down

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Online radio australia - GSS Weekly 30 Oct 2010

Staci Child, step daughter of our Prime Minister.
(This is true)

Episode 59: The weekly edition! Featuring all the best bits from throughout the week!

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Oh, Canada..!

Episode 58: Steve once again takes you on a journey around the globe! From a dreamer in New Zealand and a student’s dream come true in the UK, to a Python in Poland and some number juggling in Japan, all topped off with some not-so-cunning Canadians!

On a side note, here is a most excellent video recently posted by The Australian Pirate Party. Check it out!

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Online radio australia - GSS e57 Oct28 2010

Would you ban this? I mean, WOULD YOU!?

Episode 57: Steve brings DILIGENTLY RESEARCHED news from around the world! Italian prudes doing a backflip on their national traditions while Australian patriots carry on theirs! British police networking with the people for a day, a tiny tragedy narrowly averted in New Zealand and some interesting educational theories out of Japan!
Top class *journalism! Even if I do say so myself!

Which I do.

*Steve’s definition of journalism may not quite mesh with that of anyone else, ever.

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Online radio australia - GSS e56 Oct27 2010

It's the chaos which makes it chaotic!

Episode 56: For the first time ever, all three hosts on together!
Warning: The recording quality is not as good as we normally present.

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Online radio australia - GSS e55 Oct26 2010

I don't know why everyone thinks the devil is so scary..!

Episode 55: Steve covers a minor facbook issue before kicking into the news from the day. Parliamentary penny pinching, car capers from Google, pre pubescent poaching, and an extra special guest appearance by the Devil himself!

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Online radio australia - GSS e54 Oct25 2010

Don't worry, we don't bite...

Episode 54: Steve kicks in with some news from the world of literature, a cunning convict, a matrimonial maniac, a cash cowed carnival, and a feel good felony!

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Online radio Australia - Steve's Random Music Ep02

Steve with his special guest...
ermmm.. pirate captain Steve..?

Episode 2: Non commercial music from around the globe. A HUGE thanks to Epex who put us on to IODA promonet, from whence came all of this week's selections.

This week:
Pigeon John (U.S) - Before we're gone
Frightened Rabbit (Scotland) - Modern leper
Starfucker (U.S) - German Love

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Online radio australia - GSS Weekly 23 OCt 2010

Miss Julie Dickson, our competition for the calendar challenge.
Oh dear.

Weekly Edition: The full, one hour weekly version of GSS. Steve presents the best bits from the week, without the *waffle!

*Waffle may still be present in **small quantities.


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Online radio australia - GSS e53 Oct22 2010

Because it's true.

Episode 53: Steve's finale for the week starts out with Will's absence, an in-depth warlock exam, some audience ideas for GSS calendar shots, Face-book's privacy problems, a crocodile terrorist, and finishes up with the continuing adventures of the earth bound Casanova!

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Feast of Folly

Episode 15 is now up for your entertainment! Click here to go to the Feast of Folly website.

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Online radio australia - GSS e52 Oct20 2010

What can I say, I'm a simple man with simple pleasures!

Episode 52: Steve kicks in with some magnificent Mininova content, past life regression, a psychotic mountain goat, (Yodle-ay-hee-hooooo!), and California's stonification!

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Online radio australia - GSS e51 Oct19 2010

Steve in tights: Not a calendar look.

Episode 51: Steve assaults the airwaves again with some more calendar happenings, an expression of his own uptight-ness, annoying people, cannibalistic rock stars, an award for idiocy and some of Scientology's current issues!

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Online radio australia - GSS e50 Oct18 2010

The professional beauty, Julie Dickson
Episode 50: Steve goes it alone for this entire week! He starts out this week's opening show with a brief run down of the new GSS style, a weird request from a particularly pretty listener, some exciting news from Will and a little political observation from Steve's bizzarre brain!

The professional Beast, Steve Parker
You can find more pics, filmclips and relevant CV type info about this week's lovely listener on Julie's website

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Online radio australia - Steve's Random Music Ep01

Separating the wheat from the chaff. 

Episode 01: An audience request gives birth to a new part of the ORA lineup, Steve's random songs. Come along on Steve's jaunt to find new, non commercial songs every week.

This week:
The Different (Italy) - Boy
The Postmen (Switzerland) - Stolen Thief
Whiteroom (Canada) - Papillons

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Online radio australia - GSS e49 Oct16

Australia is BIG!

Episode 49: The full, one hour long weekly edition! Everything the team has been on about in the last 7 days...

Music by Ear3 and Revolution Void

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Online radio australia - GSS e48 Oct14

James instructs Steve in advanced politics. 

Episode 48: James and Steve discuss a recently released miner suffering from a severe case of revealed infidelity, bid farewell to Dame Joan and discuss aquatic car parks. 

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And because we love you all so very much, and want everyone to spread the show far and wide, we have developed special mini episodes which are small enough to carry around with you and give to people to check out our mad styles. This round features Lady Allison Scharber and Steve Parker discussing the madness that is women's apparel.

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Online radio australia - GSS e47 Oct11

Join the Church of Stevism today!

Episode 47: James and Steve discuss supermarkets, lunatics, sexual healing and the birth of Stevism!

You can read a short blurb about Stevism or Join the facebook group. either of which will annoy James, which amuses Steve greatly.

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Online radio australia - GSS e46 Oct10 2010

James' pet spooge

Episode 46: The first of the Hyper Edition GSS episodes! A quick journey through the minds of Steve and James. Parental advice is recommended.

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Online radio australia - GSS e45 Oct2 2010

There is something wrong with our world.

Episode 45: This week the lads bring us in with a detailed discussing on the sex lives of rabbits when under the threat of feline terrorism, The advertising Titan that is Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta's battle with Scientology, American tourists in Australia and their conflicting linguistic aberrations.
In the weekly news the team brings us more Korean upheavals, Mark Zuckerberg's reaction to The Social Network, positive drug moves in Portugal, and a local political TREACHERY in our beloved Australia!
Alli's Feast of Folly brings us the increased cost of gluttony, a vengeful pizza boy, and a positive outcome from a brain haemorrhage! (Check the full Feast of Folly for bonus material!)
The team rounds out the show with a dichotomy in religious education and a brief chat about the moron-itude of some followers of the great white beard in the sky.

Music by Oleg Serkov

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