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Great Southern Stand 166 Sun 31 July 2011

Episode 166: The Social Contract: In this episode of The Great Southern Stand with Steve Parker, Steve discusses the social contract and it's place in our modern world. Drunken teens, don't walk on the grass, Doctor's phones and being too big for debate.

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I was fine until Marvin. I can't stand the new Marvin...

Great Southern Stand 165 Tue 26 July 2011

Episode 165: Steve continues his meandering trek across the face of humanity with another dose of life through the eyes of a lunatic! In today's Great Southern Stand with Steve Parker: A chat with Epex about the Oslo attack, a chat with Jo about natural gas mining and capitalist BASTARDS, and a little diatribe on the nature of courage. All this and more on today's Great Southern Stand!

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Some xtra links:
EPEX news blog
Jo's Art website
Jo's group on facebook for the sharing of 
ideas to keep us on a strong path in the future!

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Not-so-clean energy.

Great Southern Stand 164 Sun 24 July 2011

It's Steve's birthday!  In today's Great Southern Stand with Steve Parker: Celebrate with him by reminiscing about life's paths and wondering if real estate agents have souls. And there's a couple of stories to liven up the day! A charity Fire Fighter car wash considered too sexy for some Brits, and a Sydney dog attacks a shark in the water!

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I get the feeling the cameraman would have been happy either way...

Another ballsy Russian!

Original Story here

A Russian man, paralysed after a climbing accident, who was being driven up the wall waiting for the local council to install a lift at his home has now built one himself.

Now when he wants to get into or our of his fifth floor flat - wheelchair-bound Dmitry Bibikow, 32, from Voronezh simply lowers a winch and is raised up the side of the house - with wheelchair - to the balcony of his home.

He said: "When I bought the flat I had been told an elevator would be built - but after waiting six years I decided to take matters into my own hands."

With the help of friends, the former sky diver and mountaineer built his own personal lift to haul him up the side of the building. It can be operated by hand or electronically.

He added: "Living on the fifth floor without a lift was a nightmare because I couldn't get in or out of the block without someone's help. It was like being in a prison - so I decided to sort it out myself."

Now married dad of one Dmitry says he can get in and out within minutes and can even beat his neighbours to the fifth floor.

Great Southern Stand 163 Fri 22 July 2011

An impromtu episode! In today's Great Southern Stand with Steve Parker: A mix of utter bizzarre-ness, not least because Steve is in a good mood! Some kudos to some folks, some recent work news from soulstone pictures and a couple of stories sent in by the mighty Epex! 

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I must be in a good mood! Normally, this would be considered far too cute. 
I'd have to hand in my membership card for the international Bloke's council, and pull 
out of the running for manly man of the year just for watching it, let alone posting it!

Great Southern Stand 162 Sat 16 July 2011

Episode 162: 
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In today's Great Southern Stand with Steve Parker: Steve jumps back out at you! STARTLING, EH? A local crim's tale, an odd request from a Spanish priest, a creative fella's slight over-reaction, the flying spaghetti monster's noodley appendage makes the small screen, a tale of maternal moronity out of Seattle, and today's stupid criminal story shows the importance of buerocracy to the youth of today!

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Sir Ken Robinson: Schools kill creativity

Just a little something

A couple of years ago I was in a short film which has just been released. Last week I went along to the premiere with James and we made this little clip.

More Steve a'comin!

We have a few tasty treats lined up in the works. Oh yes, tasty indeed.
Tasty as the tastiest tart in a totally tasty tart tourney! Oh YES!

Did you think I was going to just DISAPPEAR!?


My ego, (and mortal fear of obscurity) ALONE compel me to seek the limelight! Let alone the burning need I have to spread the message! The very important message! A vital, life altering, soul saving message!

I'm not quite sure what that is just yet, but that doesn't stop me proclaiming it at high volume in public areas!

If you count the internet as a public area.

In short, and in the words of a certain tin plated ass kicker:

"Come with me if you want to live!"

No wait, that's not right.

"I'll be back!"

Yes, that's the one.

Great Southern Stand 161 Fri 1 July 2011

In today's Great Southern Stand with Steve Parker: A Russian big wig hasn't quite got the hang of 'brakes', A Swedish school obliterates gender roles in it's quest for equality, would you rathergrow your own guitar or toot your own gourd? and today's stupid crim sprays it all about!

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The world's news doesn't get any funnier!

Also, for those of you who are interested, here's a little piece on Steve's personal blog

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Ah yes, my hair. I remember my hair...