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Big Project time!

I've decided on a big project, I'm going to make a best of for 2010. No promises on time! It's a huge job, with over 50 hours of audio to trawl through. Phew!

Best of the season to you all, have a HUGE new year!

Rock on!


Online radio australia - Video 08 - 2010 Finale!

Video 08: The very last production for the year! The lads and lass take a short trip round the world to thank all the listeners for the year.

It's not you, it's me.

Cliché, oh yes, but still true.

There are many folks out there for whom this sort of work comes easily, I am not one of them. Because of this, I think sometimes I try too hard.
Next year, whatever else happens, I will continue doing the podcast. I wont worry about audience feedback, numbers or income, I'll just do it as well I can.
It wont be what we've had so far, but when has it ever been? GSS has changed it's face so many times since it's birth I've lost count.
I want to thank everyone who has supported the show, don't feel the need to write in or anything unless you want to, same with the ad clicking and other stuff.
2011 will be the year of freedom.
Coz I'm free.
To do what I want.
Any old time.

Oh yes.

Much love.

How to bake vegan Anzac Biscuits

1 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup coconut
1/2 cup oil
1 tablespoon golden syrup / treacle
1/2 tablespoon baking soda
2 tablespoons boiling water

Mix flour, sugar, coconut and oats in one bowl
Melt Golden Syrup / Treacle into oil
Dissolve baking soda in boiling water
Mix liquids together
Mix liquids into dry mix
Bake on tray for 15-20 minutes at 180c / 350f 

Great Southern Stand

Hols time!

This is a totally accurate picture.

The band is off, galavanting around the world in our jet-setting way. We are planning one more video show before we bid farewell for the year, but no more podcasting.

Thanks for listening folks, and thanks for the huge $25 we made this year through your clicking support on our evil google ads.

See you all next year! Here's one last music show to keep you amused. No country, I promise.

Steve's Music Show Episode 09: Steve brings us the very last GSS podcast for 2010, the music show! The latest and greatest in non-commercial music from around the world!

This week:
(Italy) Nanowar - Metal-la la la
(France) David TMV - Legionairre Zoophile
(Germany) Cynicism - inhaling the poison

Online radio australia - GSS e82 Dec2 2010

Some Korean Cullinary delights...

Episode 82: James fills in for Ali with some fabulous food facts! Coffee from around the world (And other less reputable places!), camel stuffing overkill, bug and rat hair standards, alternate uses for coconuts and much much more!

Online radio australia - GSS e81 Dec1 2010

Not hot.

Episode 81: James bring us an episode of crazy people! Mad inventions, whacky historians, sensual give-aways, and a televisual over-reaction! Then a letter from a fan disturbs James so much he has to give us a list of strange facts, just so he can calm down!

Online radio australia - GSS e80 30Nov 2010

Praise your new gods!

Episode 80: Due to illness, Steve takes James' show for the week! Immortal lab rats, China's backflip on North Korea, more wikileaks goodness, a mad marriage and modern art taken a little too far!

Online radio australia - GSS e79 29Nov 2010

The face(c) of evil!

Episode 79: Steve opens up the new week with some more Korean news, the latest Facebook exploit, America's global embarrassment, and a bovine war machine!

Online radio australia - Steve's Music Show 08

Who says country can't rock!?

Episode 08: James brings us some audio treats this week with the latest and greatest in non-commercial music from that bizarre and eclectic place we like to call James-land!

This week:
Tumbledown - Dead Man Walking
Turin Brakes - Sea Change
Kermit Ruffins - Panama

Online radio australia - North Korea part two

Korean warships

Part two of a series of special reports keeping close tabs on the Korean situation. This one by Tim Shorrock of The Daily Beast.

Online radio australia - GSS e78 25Nov 2010

Fish live in this.

Episode 78: Ali and James take us through a list of OBSCENELY overpriced gifts for pathetically pampered pets.

Online radio australia - North Korea part one

North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Il

Part one of a series of special reports keeping close tabs on the Korean situation. This one from, written by Mark Colvin

Online radio australia - GSS e77 PART II 24Nov 2010

X-men here we come!

Episode 77 part 2: After a visit from a doctor, some sedatives and a little lie down, Steve is back to finish the show for the day! Prison time for potty mouths, the further misconduct of another moronic criminal, some straight up primitive religious rulings from Brazil and a crazy mutant metal woman!

online radio australia - GSS E77 24Nov 2010

Episode 77: A short sharp report today on Korea.
**We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Online radio australia - GSS e76 Nov23 2010

Google spy cams at their best..?

Episode 76: James carries on the nude theme with a drunk girl in a dryer, a nude German in das boot, and stripping surfers before moving onto some better clothed stories. Superheroes in Seattle, a $100k jetpack, and a real life case of a bar-room breast inspector!

You can find the Drunk Girl video here (Until it's removed by bastards, which they have done on several sites already)

Online radio australia - GSS e75 Nov22 2010

Beware the Catholics!

Episode 75: Steve awakens the new week with nude podcasting, liberal objections to gay marriage, government sponsored boob jobs, Catholic condom use, giveaway AK's, and a moronic motorist.

Online radio australia - Steve's Music Show 07


Episode 07: Steve claims back the airwaves and shakes the cobwebs out with a hard rocking episode! 

This week:
Circus underground - save you
Patient Zero - No more the pain
Sekshun 8 - Black wing butterfly

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Online radio australia - GSS Weekly 20nov 2010


Weekly 06: The weekly episode of GSS with all the best bits from the last 7 days!

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Online radio australia - GSS e74 Nov19 2010

A GSS from the dim dark past, with James Whitrow.

Who can resist the hot biker chick!

Download here

Episode 74: James and Steve round out the week with some foolish and completely pointless chat. Ah, what a relief! From childhood memories and debts unpaid to the genius of motorbikes and the reckless, stupid joy of going very, very fast!

This episode of Mininova
Pathetic petitioners protest perilous porky playtime!

Episode 73: Steve opens up for Ali with a brief story about some Brit-pop genius before handing over the keys to Online radio Australia's prettiest panellist, Jame... no wait... Ali Scharber! 200 year old submariner wine, a dedicated discount diner, an over-protective mother facing possible prison time and a toy set paying a piggy penalty!

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Cops and criminal capers, oh my!

Episode 72: Steve brings us a cornucopia of criminal culpability! Stories of stupidity from all over the globe! Bank robbers, cash scammers, and the perils of drugs, Mmmmkay?

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Online radio australia - GSS e71 Nov16 2010

Reasons to be cheerful, One Two Three..!

Episode 71: James brings us an episode dedicated entirely to drunken texting! Some software solutions, a couple of celeb stories and a very helpful list of do's and dont's, all rounded out with some of the funniest drunken texts ever!

Online radio australia - GSS e70 Nov15 2010

A saucy statue from central Java!

Episode 70: Steve opens up the new week with some abject humiliation! Once that's out of the way, the news come thick and weird: Stool pigeon kiddies, the stupidest copycat EVER, publicly sanctioned poontang from Java and a serious deficit in demon slayers in the States!

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Online radio australia - Steve's Music Show 06

This will appear funnier after you've heard the episode.

Episode 06: James wrangles the reins for this week! Will he TORTURE us all with calamitous country croonings, Or will he show some common decency and play something hard core with screeching guitars and bestial beats!? Only time will tell..

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Online radio australia - GSS Weekly 13 Nov 2010

A recent challenge from a listener leaves the team on the ropes!

Weekly 05: The weekly episode of GSS, with all the best bits from the last seven days!

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Online radio australia - GSS e69 Nov12 2010

James has a few things to say to Steve about his upcoming music show.

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Episode 69: Sixty nine by name, sixty nine by nature! The terrible trio take it to the mat with the sexiest episode ever! Cunning linguists, dangerous positions and the most evil of all sexual topics... PARENTS! AAARGH!

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Online radio australia - GSS e68 Nov11 2010

Why Steve should always have a script: Part one
(I'd also like to point out that this one was edited by me, not James. He is much better than I am)

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Episode 68: James and Ali SHOCK US TO THE CORE from the first! The value of personal Hygiene, a flasher with a tiny problem, and the worlds most expensive Christmas advent calendar!

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Online radio australia - GSS e67 Nov10 2010

Oh dear...

This video on Mininova - Distribute however you see fit!

Episode 67: James takes to the air with a little public chastisement, Some Dutch pot cards, A HORRIFIC tale of a live-in rotter, a MORONIC home invader and closes down with MOZART TO THE RESCUE!

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Online radio australia - GSS e66 Nov09 2010


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Episode 66: Steve kicks us in, (In the nicest possible way!) with THE GREATEST EXCUSE TO AVOID WORK IN ALL HISTORY!! Following this is tough, but we plug on with some savage soccer from a Bolivian baller, A heroic and slightly frightening dog owners battle with a dinosaur, a rapping representative for a resilient Rhino, ancient Chinese secrets and sexy texties!

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